Human Trafficking and the Human Rights Agenda Against Eritrea

Red Sea Fisher


On March 1, 2013, Joel Millman of the Wall Street Journal published a piece entitled “Ruthless Kidnapping Rings Reach From Desert Sands to U.S. Cities.” The article chronicles the touching personal accounts of Eritrean refugees being kidnapped and taken for ransom in Egypt’s Sinai desert. As disheartening as this piece may be to even the most apathetic observers, Eritreans are growing increasingly aware of the fact that similar articles highlighting the trafficking of Eritreans are becoming a regular occurrence. Although human trafficking, smuggling, and migration have been longstanding problems that have plagued the so-called developing world, it seems somewhat curious that Eritrea is suddenly getting the brunt of the international attention. Why now? Although increased international attention may be positive in that it sheds needed light on the plight of the affected migrants, the reality is that pieces like this are often politically motivated, lacking context, skewing the facts…

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2 thoughts on “Human Trafficking and the Human Rights Agenda Against Eritrea

  1. smt March 16, 2013 at 10:34 pm Reply

    Thanks for re-blogging! The sisterly peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea will prevail!


  2. Muna April 15, 2013 at 12:36 pm Reply

    No one is against Eritrea but denying what is happening there is against Eritrea. Military generals are involved in smuggling Eritrean youth from Eritrea and handed them to Rashayda. The Rashayda have history for kidnapping, smuggling and killing long before. Those Rashayda are selling the Eritrea refugees to the Badowien gangs. This clip was recorded by an Egyptian man.
    My cousin was one of the victims. He was convinced and assisted by his general to cross Eritrea/Sudan boarder. Shortly my cousin and his colleagues were caught by Reshayda nomad after their general dropped them in open field. The Rashayda plan was to sell them to Badowien. Because my cousin spoke Arabic, he was able to convince the Rashayda not to sell them and whatever they asked their family will pay them. The Rashayda asked $3,500 US or $170,000.00 Eritrean Nakfa. They called my aunt and told her of her son ordeal. My aunt and the other family each paid 170000.00 Eritrean Nakfa inside Asmara. Then they were released entered Kassala /Sudan. My aunt was threatened not to mention to anyone otherwise she and her children are going to be in danger.
    If you don’t believe me I can provide my cousin’s number and get all this information yourself.


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